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Wednesday, May 01, 2002 :::
i thought that today was shaping out well, but i guess i was wrongish...i finnished my paper this morning around 12:30am...billy caled me last night and is coming today b/c he shipps out tommorow...i woke up in a good mood...i figured out soemthing finally in computers that i was working hard on...silliman wasn't that much of an asshole and it turns out we'll haev a relativly interesting final...he's editing my paper today at one...then i came back here. i had a message on my voicemail to call qualex, the photo people for cvs. i had no idea why but i called and the film was damaged and they couldn't do anything. on the up side they are sending me free black and white film. urg. let's just hope today goes a bit better...

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Tuesday, April 30, 2002 :::
i am so tired right now..we just had a rough band rehersal for the concert on saturday...urg. i have 5 pages of my paper that is due friday, but i jsut don't have the energy to do more of it now...i really should...bill is leaing on thursday and i am sure that is adding to my level of stress. i like shakespeare though..he's cool and fun to translate, i'm doing rather well at that. i hurt. i am going to wokr more on this paper...

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no motivation for my motivation for my paper...urg.

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no motivation for my motivation for my paper...urg.

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snap crakel pop..this morning was not a pleasant one..i just wanna be in my bed with a book but i know i should do that damnable paper...i'll try to be motivated...oh yeah...jenny are on odd duck!

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Monday, April 29, 2002 :::
Cymbelineda here again... just had a thought and i had to post it. I've suddenly realized that I am better than everyone else. wait a second, i've known this all along. oops. sorry. :o)

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Some times when I re-read the old posts I wonder if people think that this is really me writing them...
I mean how do they really know that this is Sonja? These thoughts could be my own, or else they couldn't be... but then again are thoughts ever really your own once you put them down on paper? Such a thought, such a thought....
sometimes i don't feel like sonja. But i think that this is not such a weird thought. I'm not supposed to be the sonja that everyone sees. I am different than sonja. I AM NOT THE SONJA PEOPLE KNOW! why can't anyone realize this? i am not sonja. There i said it. Now i think i deserve a new name. let us think of one.
hmmmm.... lets call me... Cymbelineda. Isn't that a lovely name? THERE! Now every one who reads this blog spott must refer to me now as Cymbelineda. And i am going to be the star of a new mystery novel, who is in love with Joe shortsleeve. hopefully we should see some sun. One could only hope that that is his stage name... or else we'll all be screwed...
Yeah, the whole crushing death thing sucks.
I was trying to help, but it wasn't happening.
No i can't say that I have... he was having a bad day, he was having a bad day... its over there underneath a box of chocolates.
I'm retarded.
he he he
I never wear my rings.
She can't.
i don't know.
i should wear my rings more often.
i could go to the drag dance in my wings!
she's ten.
you've slept on that before.
yeah, i have most of the change you left around my room.
of course you do.
you have to put your foot on the door nob... thats how they locked me in.
are they good?
I want to score!
blow me.
I don't know if my grandmother would appreciate that.
When was the last time you fooled around in the barn?
have you ever gone twenty minutes continuous of anything?
i was continusly on stage.
I was wearing a big hat
I some how doubt your hat weighed twenty pounds
not even in the ball park
i have boobs that are better.
no way man, her's are real boobs, they belong on her.. yours don't belong, their not natural....
one of these things are not like the other...
she's excited for it.
i don't know, but i could probaly think of something dirty...
i don't know about you, but mine only covers half...
i'm soft.
do you have a little mouth?
no , i have a big mouth actually.
Would you like a tee shirt?
no, their dorky.
That would have been briliant if whats his names leg wasn't there.
one more time, one more time, one more time....
i'll post now.

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Sunday, April 28, 2002 :::
it is so enfuriating that i cannot put to paper what i see in my mind, or what i see out there in the world. i tried to sketch, but it didn't happen...everthing i try to turn out turns out miserable looking and drab in comparison. i think i rush too much...jsut like wtting..i type so fast to get everything down that i misspell soo much. urg. not a happy sonja.

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haven't posted for a while..i am ok..i am sore..i am already mising my saiolor, but he'll be back in june...ok....mmmm...donught...

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this is useless rambling of a bored college student...this is where i vent!

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