Life and times of a pussycat this is useless rambling of a bored college student...this is where i vent!

Thursday, April 25, 2002 :::
i think there is such a thing as too mcu caffiene...i am buzzing around right now mentally, but my body ios wiped out. hmmm...maybe it is time to be artsy again...i loose track of time when that happens though, so maybe it is not an activity for 12:30am...but tehn again...ok yout alked me into it...i'm being artsy!!

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Monday, April 22, 2002 :::
sometimes i think so many people out there don't understad the concept of real love. a simple flower or a brush of a hand across yours can make you so exstaticaly happy. that is what my weekend was like. woken up to an earthquake that i blamed on bill ;) but oh well! the ride home we stopped and appreciated the bride of flowers that is slightly blooming. we drove some mroe adn stopped on the roadside and he picked me a bouquet of wildflowers. they smelled wonderful. adn further along the road i truely began to understand myself again to the point where i feel at peace. i am a simple creatue, not simple minded mind you, but simple. just give me an unspoilt piece of nature, or not even that, just give me the out of doors, my mind and an optional blank book and pencil. i will be content for the rest of my life. i can sleep amongst the stars and feel at peace wiht the winds. the simple pleasures are there for me. good friends, understanding, love, life, and even death at times, but all are together in this world and broken down, human nature is not taht complicated. even back here at my desk listening only to the buzz of my computer i am happy. for those taht see me on a daily baises, don't be worried if i am quiet, i am just at peace and in awe of all taht is around me. just sit and observe things sometimes, then you will understand.

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this is useless rambling of a bored college student...this is where i vent!

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