Life and times of a pussycat this is useless rambling of a bored college student...this is where i vent!

Saturday, March 30, 2002 :::
mmmmmm...sleep! i don't think i have slet that well for a long time..except for the damn pipes..and bill's sister knocking at the door...urg.

well, not much more from me b/c i cannot stand this split keyboard i will go eat lunch..mmmm...lunch

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Friday, March 29, 2002 :::
well, here i am in lovely computer class and it is driving me mad!! i finished all the work the other day, and now i have nothing to do, but i feel awkward just getting up and walking out...maybe i should...

thus far, this morning has turned out splendidly! i didn't wake up tired, but to the wonderful soft snores of my bill...mmmmm =)
i talked to sean and he isn't mad, but still i want him to know tat we love and appreciate him!!

hmmmm....i didn't talk that much about last night, so i will. bill decided that he wanted to treat me and all my friends to he did! we all got gussied up (except for mice..the dork..) and went to the freightyard...a bit over dressed, but what can you do? we ate upstairs this time, which was a nice change from the bar downstairs...even if it does have a fireplace...

then the end of survivor i did catch (can you tell i'm majoring in english?) and gabe got voted off! urg. he was one i liked! he was nice...the black guy who pulls the race card should have left, or rob the fake bostonian...or the nurse...i don't like him anymore...

ok, i think i am done blathering...i will now play a game! yes!

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hahahahha...robin williams is funny =) he's on letterman, an i'm in that state where my fingers will not move to type, but my mind is bubbling away...

today was a fun day...i got nothing done, but going out to a nice dinner...and buying cameras...and stuffs.......that was fun. it makes me happy.

i love the fact that my billy is getting along with all my friends...that makes me feel so wonderfully happy! i mean, friends are such a major part of me, and so is he...i don't know what i would do if they didn't like him or visa versa...oi...that is depressing...

my fingers are too tired to do many parts of me ache with fatigue, so i am done with this for now

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Thursday, March 28, 2002 :::
i love that crinkley feeling you get when you wake up next to some one you love....

you know, hate the fact taht i cannot stay mad at him...that makes me mad....

it as around 10am on a thursday...I SHOULD STILL BE IN BED!!! but alas, i am not...damn sailors and thier wierd scheduals!

ok...urg...i am done for now, i hate having people read over my shoulder!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2002 :::
you cannot use food to make me not mad!!! grrrrrrrr...

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i felt like being the bright spot on a gloomy, low pressure day, so here i amm all gussied up with no one to impress =(. it's ok, i'm in a kinda indifferent mood. i feel like talling stoires to my friends and making them all smile...about girls named cynthia and turtles named gilligan!

this makes me smile! do flute duets and poems about snails that are not raelly about snails..i'm blathering.

well, thus far today has been going ok...i got up and found the perfect time to wake up, when i am not bleary-eyed and grumpy..nor territorial about my shower! 8:51am is a nice time! just the right time to catch part of the news and weather, and enough time for a bowl of ceral and a bannana!

heheheheh...i love story telling, it is an art that very few posses!

i guess i am in a good mood...yea!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2002 :::
i am at a loss for words, which is a rather strange occurrence...i am rather miffed at my billy, but looking inside i really should not be. he has other obligations other than me, but i want to be selfish! he is my fiancé and i deserve his attentions! oi...ok, enough of my bitching...

today was a lousy day weather wise and mood wise for that matter. the rain, though needed, puts me in a fowl mood...not helping the headache and body aches i had all day. in the word of jenny jenny....i need a nap and a hug. urg!

well, my warm adn empty bed is calling my name..and mow i will now drift off to sleep to the sounds of hamish macbeth's attempt at finding who killed the dentist...nighty night world.

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i have a headache and i don't know why. my limbs ache and i have a new collection of bruises from no fault but my own. i am tired, but i cannot sleep, for if i do i will get nothing done, nor will i sleep tonight!

i need a hug. i need to snuggle, but that is not going to bill is not far away, but because of the snow i seriously doubt he will be here.

the weather is too blah to be in a good mood. i am sitting here in my room freezing my ass off and it makes me mad. heat is a good thing, but god forbid it works in the dorms! my feet are frozen and i am wearing all the layers i possibly can! grrr...

i am lonely, even though friends are close by.
i don't like being in a makes me even madder (is that a word??)

i think i'm goanna go and read a book..maybe in the world of fiction, everything will be alright.

flute concertos, warm blankets, teddy bears, and mystery!

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That state between sleep and reality is a wonderful place, is not?
the distant sound of my neighbor's tv grows louder and louder and my eyelids waver between open and shut.
distant strains of under the sea float past my ears and i begin to wonder.
how has life digressed to where my monday nights are not my monday nights anymore.
the angry music does not do me sufficiently
my billy is home, but he is not here, and he should be...warming my heart and mind with his love.
my false sense of reality is slipping away from me...i don't think i like the harsh florescent glare of real life!

night should be a time of comfort and sleep,
blankets and pillows,
not startling realizations that life is not what you want it to be, nor that you feel he loves you more than you love him.

melancholy music...melancholy mood...melancholy....

spelling is not important in the grand scheme of things, life is too short to try for perfect grammar!
i am an english major, i have an excuse.

grapes are good, and we all need to incorporate more fruit into our diets...
we would be happier people if we all had flowers to brighten the cell-like walls of the dorm rooms.
brick would be nice, then you would have the false idea that there might be a fireplace somewhere to warm your life...

it is time for the comforts of a good hugg.

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Monday, March 25, 2002 :::
::grumblr grumble:: cannot post web page here..grrr..fart on blogger....i worked hard on that web site!! grr....

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hmmm...i can write html...hmm....

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i love my flute! it makes me sooo happy! i'm glad that i sound like a real musician! it's great!

urg. i like this thing...don't mind me..i am BORD!!

urg. class. ok.

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Ok..let us see if I have figured out how to work this....

good, I have!

Ok, this is jsut some usless rambling to get me started on this whole journal thing again....I am at school again and I am happpy, but alas my Bily is not up here wiht me AND HE SHOULD BE!! ::eh-hem::

This useless rambling will become a wonderful part of my existence again, for it has been so long since i have formulated my words in a way that i, and i alone, can truley understand. journals make me wodner sometimes what thier purpose is....i do not go back and read the painful and occasionally joyful words i write. i don't want others to read them, at least not the pen and ink version of my words. editing is a good thing!

i feel music neds to fill my core right now, so i will play my happy bouncy song, and be happy...and maybe bouncy....

what a wonderfully cold spring day it is...
my room is spring-like with the tulips i bought..that makes me happy!

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boring boring boring....computers and communications....this class makes me want to bash my head into a computer screen...yea for power point! urg...remind me to be happy when this class is over...

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this is useless rambling of a bored college student...this is where i vent!

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